Friday, 15 October 2010

the beginning of the end.

And that's all folks.
Shattered satellite.
Thanks for reading and listening.

Obviously, I'm still going to be out and about,
so stay tuned to this particular post. I'll keep you in the loop.
Time for a beer.

one day we will be free

Bona fide house classic.
Crisp, sleek, golden reimagining by Findlay Brown.
Tempted me out of retirement. Oh, the irony.
Out on Record Makers.
who add the classic remix chops of Villa, Acid Washed, Hypnolove and Mellow
to accompany Pilooski's storming edit.

Findlay Brown - Promised Land

Friday, 3 September 2010

acid washed september mix

I picked up the phone.
"Come out of retirement, please Jehan."
No, I absolutely refuse. Who is this?
Oh alright then, what you got?

Our September mix.
Tracklisting /// download link

1. Visti & Meyland “Stars” – Rodion Mammarela Remix (Bear Funk)
2. The KDMS “High Wire” (GOMMA)
3. Invisible Strobe “Outlaw” (SEEK)
4. Oh Land “Son of a Gun” – Yuksek Remix (Plant Music)
5. Discodeine “Singular” – It´s a Fine Line Remix (DIRTY)
6. Rodion “The Logical Song” (GOMMA)
7. Acid Washed “Acid Washed” – Digikid 84 Remix (Record Makers)
8. Eli Escobar “Love Thing” (Plant Music)
9. Hankat “Be The First” – Acid Washed Remix (Sound of Copenhagen)
10. Logo “La Vie Moderne” (Feat. Piu Piu) – French Fries & Tony Senghore Remix (Kitsune)
11. Djs Pareja “Brutal” (I´m Single)
12. Blackstrobe “Sometimes funky people are dressed in black” (Supersoul)

DANGER has done a remix?!
"Franck has outdone himself."
Sure got that right.
This sounds like landing on the moon on acid.
Get your shuttle ticket / download here.

"Acid Washed" Danger's Remix by Acid Washed

Oh now I'm in the mood.
I simply must post the original. exclusive. naturally.
And the Stuff remix for good measure. Download here.
I can't get enough of this space-disco.
I'm going back to retirement now. I need to lie down.
"Don't forget to tell them about our EP. It's got Mickey Moonlight and The Hacker and Digikid and." I hung up the phone already. buy it if you like. they are playing CAMP in London too.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

each and every day

Pretty much every day during
my summer in Nottingham.
At a quarter to one, I would jump in my car
and drive to the pool.
It would usually take the length of this song.
That was my warmup.

Taken from Total 10.
A Kompakt album.


Seven Staropramens had seared an untimely hole in my wallet on a balmy October evening.
Earlier that night, I'd felt for the first time the heart-pumping euphoria where live music and alcohol criss-cross and interlock on the shores of intoxication island. I was meant to be back within the hour to help out with the party. It was for charity.

Charity had been hurled out the window though, I needed more.

I needed something. I needed.
A kebab.
Onwards to Forman St.

To that most beautiful of purveyors of greasy rat-stick meat.
I waited in the queue replaying the concert in my mind.
My stomach burbled with Prague's finest.

Electric Soft Parade - Thing's I've Done Before

Why is it that 97.9% of all kebabs in the United Kingdom
tend to consist of a
single pitta bread
packed with more cardboard lamb
than can possibly fit inside the pitta?
Let alone the poxy polystyrene case.

These thoughts were resounding round my pissed-up little brain
as I stumbled towards Queens St about to clamber onto
my safe ride home. The 45 bus.

I was distracted momentarily by the chilli sauce
and greasy cardboard lamb trails that had left a stain
upon my blue, blue jeans. Nothing to worry.

Electric Soft Parade - The American Adventure

The 45 bus deviated from its course.
It did not go up Woodborough Road.
It was going in the opposite direction.

We had taken the 44A bus!
Being the wasted fools we were,
cutting our losses was the only sensible option to take.

Electric Soft Parade - Chaos

We disembarked onto a ringroad,
where there we waited, thumbs extended.
Motorists continued to whizz by for what seemed like an age
until one kind soul let us hitchhike all the way back to Bridgford.


On a serious note, the White brothers are immensely talented.
Their voices + piano >>>>>> all the kebabs in the entire world.
The American Adventure is a lost classic. Buy it.

a little lost

Over the last three years
Arthur Russell's music has made a deep impression
so it only felt right to include him in this blog marathon.

Arthur Russell - A Little Lost

Nobody captures the feeling of being lost
in a dreamy loveland with two suns.
One called joy.
The other called melancholy.
Subtle pop music at its finest.

hopelessly poor // die regenschwarme

I sought respite from the constant connection to my laptop.
A change from the endless personal admin I don't especially care for.
A change of scenery. Catching up with my brother.

Our destination was Hamburg. Only going for a weekend was deemed excessive by some.
People are less prone to acting on the spur of the moment; the advent of google everything means everything can be planned, tweaked, documented, counter-argued, ratified to the point where boundaries between actually doing things and talking about doing them online get blurred.

I just wanted to escape London and see my favourite artist of the last few years. Barbican tickets had sold out and I wanted adventure.

Moments after arriving in Hamburg, we realised our grasp of German was hopeful at best. The skies scowled at us. So we purchased regenschwarme and just wandered around Hamburg.

Kings of Convenience - Stay Out Of Trouble

Enjoying a sumptous Chinese a bit too much made for the laughable situation of actually missing the first ten minutes of the performance we had travelled nearly 600 miles for and endured the agony of RyanAir without headphones at stupid o'clock on a Saturday morning.

The performance was incredible. Stay Out Of Trouble revealed exquisite depths I didn't know existed. I bunked off work a few days later to go see them on the South Coast. Back in Hamburg, Erlend was DJ'ing at the afterparty next door to whoever cared to stay around. Utter perfection would have been achieved if my favourite Norwegian had happened to have possessed the Fred Falke remix of Golden Cage by The Whitest Boy Alive. What's worse, my brother broke the habit of a lifetime and neglected to bring his iPod.

The Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage (Fred Falke remix)