Saturday, 8 September 2007

kissy sell out & dj mehdi @ bus palladium

We got to Rex Club on Wednesday only to find Justice vs Erol Alkan was sold out - with the guestlist queue and people with ticket queue easily containing around 200 people each. A quick chat with some of the people in the queue revealed that there were a few touts walking up and down selling tickets for 100€ - 150 € - bit mental given I saw the same lineup at Trash a year ago for under a tenner.

We were disappointed and consoled ourselves with a few beers and the best part of a bottle of Absolut. It meant that we absolutely had to go out the next night, luckily DJ Mehdi was putting on a wicked show with Kissy Sell Out, in my opinion the hottest DJ / remix producer coming out of the UK at the moment.

Arriving at the Bus Palladium pretty early to avoid a repeat of the previous night, we found it pretty empty. As people slowly filtered in, it was left to the house DJ to warm the crowd up, which he did pretty well playing quite a bit of funk preceding the arrival of Kissy on the decks.

Kissy Sell Out, from Bethnal Green, is one of those DJs that just make you want to punch the air. Not in a cheesy, dance euphoria way, but in a oh my god this is so fucking unbelievably great and fun way. Comparisons have been made with a certain French DJ duo, and whilst there are similarities - its electro and it packs a serious punch. I'd also describe Kissy Sell Out as a lot of fun, he always looks like he's having a good time, no matter what sort of show he is playing and I think this is reflected in his music, which is supported by a tremendous amount of professionalism.

His set at Palladium was no exception to this, following on from the funk which preceded it and then some, interlacing bits and bobs of his own stuff (Her/Harriet on the myspace) with the odd classic mid-nineties dance tune with some nice, squelchy electro. To get the crowd going, Kissy also pulls out a klaxon from time to time and lets rip. It does the trick. The atmosphere was absolutely amazing and packed by this point, which was great when you consider it was a pretty small club on a Thursday night / Friday morning. I don't know how anybody went to work the next day.

His debut album is in progress, but Kissy Sell out is taking his time. Quite a few tour dates coming up all around England (Warehouse Project in Manchester, Club Asylum in Leeds) and Europe after a busy summer playing lots of festivals. One to definitely go to if you're in London is on the 21st September at Fabric with Erol Alkan, Late of the Pier, Vitalic and Who Made Who + Filthy Dukes + Riotous Rockers. Insane lineup. Insane. Or if you don't like superclubs, go see him at The Old Queen's Head in Angel, quality little boozer.

Aside from this, his remix work is second to none. He has the ability to transform amazing songs into absolute belters. The best of these works build up slowly before delightfully, dirty, dirty keyboard solos that just make me think of Tom Hanks in Big in the department store running up and down the keyboard, but just on a cocktail of drugs and alcohol and on a big dirty, electro keyboard instead.

It's a tough call but I think my favourite Kissy remix has to be his rework of Tree Friend Tree Foe by Bolt Action Five. The lyrics are absolute genius - the song is inspired by the kids TV show Knightmare, which I was absolutely obsessed with when I was five. It was amazing - it was this virtual reality quest game. Read about it here. There should be more songs about 80s stuff like this.

The remix came out earlier in the year as the B-Side to their debut single of the same name (sad to say, but the remix completely destroys the original) and is getting a re-release soon on Lost in Paris (a Pure Groove imprint) along with remixes from Dan Le Sac, James from Hadouken and Run, Hide, Survive. It beats the additional remixes I've added below I think simply because it's really joyous and it elevates the song to a level I didn't think previously possible, whilst the GoodBooks, Libertines, Operator Please and Does It Offend You Yeah songs are really awesome in their own right.

Kissy Sell Out (myspace / podcast) - go to the podcast for lots of mixes including a blinder for XFM.

Bolt Action Five - Tree Friend Tree Foe (Kissy Sell Out Knightmare Version)
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - We Are Rockstars (Kissy Sell Out Remix)
GoodBooks - Leni (Kissy Sell Out Remix)
The Libertines - Ha Ha Wall (Kissy Sell Out Bootleg) - really nice to hear a Libs remix. They aren't exactly common.
Operator Please - Song About Ping Pong (Kissy Sell Out's White Stallion)

A little bit about DJ Mehdi, who followed Kissy's set. I'm quite a fan of the songs he has released to date, as one would expect from anybody on the Ed Banger roster, the quality is pretty high. Whenever I've seen him DJ though, he doesn't really play much of his stuff or much that sounds like it. Just solid party tunes, which is really really good. After being reduced to a gibbering, sweaty mess by Kissy's set I just wanted to chill out. But playing tunes from Chromeo, Daft Punk, Justice (you get the idea), I just couldn't really help but dance.

DJ Mehdi - Leave It Alone
DJ Mehdi - Lucky Boy (Surkin remix)

Finally, spotted this on fluokids the other day. Soundtrack to my first week in Paris that's for sure. I want to marry the chorus.

Ladyhawke - Paris is Burning (myspace)

Keep an eye out for this young Aussie girl. The song will undoubtedly surface on the first shattered satellite mixtape, which is in production. Watch out for some cool features too.

my keyboard isn't being very nice today, so I apologize for my lack of eloquence but I just needed to get this out. I think it's partly due to the fact I've been out every day this week since Monday. Have barely seen the light of day. I need to get a proper desk too, I'm getting pins and needles from just lying on my bed. I'm getting bored of YouSendIt. This blog is slowly starting to get more organised. Mike is onboard. Props to Lucas for making a logo. More stuff to follow. I should really smarten things up and I will, but I didn't see the point in doing that first. Where's the fun in that?


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