Tuesday, 25 September 2007

paris paris - french for sudafed anybody?

I'm writing this from my bed. I feel like crap. Meant to post ages ago but have been well busy with things.Had a music related job interview yesterday, so hopefully that will lead to something. Also, cos the post I'm planning is a monster one detailing my anger against singles being re-released just to make a quick buck and the general decline in artistic standards it seems to imply. Can't really knock it off in five minutes, so I'm just gonna post some stuff I've been listening to and then hopefully find out what the French equivalent of Sudafed is so I can stop feeling like shit and write the re-release rant.

The new Babyshambles album is out next week and I'm a bit excited about it really. I don't know what to make of Doherty. He has really wasted his talent, and so much has happened since the first Libertines album, it makes me wonder how relevant he is anymore. I don't like the way he seems to court the attention of the media at times, and just yeah, you just want the guy to stop being a junkie, cos he does have something about him. Also, I'm very fucked off at the news that a Libertines best of is to be released. Shameless fucking cash-in from Rough Trade, probably due to the fact they are annoyed that Babyshambles might actually do quite well and make loads of money, now that they have an album that's had a decent production job. It's just sad to re-release something like that...more about it in my upcoming rant. Here's the closing track from Shotter's Nation (it is a poor name for an album), which features Bert Jansch on guitar. It's nice, if a bit introspective - let's try and focus on the music instead of the sideshow.

Babyshambles - The Lost Art of Murder

In my last post, I went on about Kotki Dwa. Well they actually went and won Tate Tracks!!!
so go check out Le Beau Charcutier at the Tate Modern whilst listening to their song inspired by the painting. It should be on headphones there for the next month or so, the painting is there permanently so I guess by the next time I'm round there, I'll just have to use my own headphones. This band is wonderfully eccentric, I love their DIY ethic. Their debut single, 'Robin's Clogs' is to be released in December through Mily Records. You can reserve a copy by emailing them. Refreshingly, it doesn't feature on any of their previous CDs (of which there are 3, 32 songs in total, which I got off them for £18 inc. p&p which I don't think is too bad at all). Here are two more songs by them to spark interest. Go see them this friday in Camden, anyone in London (feels weird saying that not being there!)

Kotki Dwa - Little Flags (from the album onlyyouaresleeping)
Kotki Dwa - Sails (from the youwantsky ep)

Next up is Pete and the Pirates. Their second single, 'Knots' is out in a couple of weeks. The song below is surely to be featured on their eagerly anticipated debut album. It fuses stomping guitar work that can only really be described as angular and spiky (I think these terms are used a lot but it works here) with great three part vocals. More about these guys in a week or two. They are going on a big, big tour round the UK. Check them out.

Pete and the Pirates - Bright Lights

Finally, we have So So Modern. The latest band to be signed to the roster of Transgressive Records. There's something quite calculated about these boys, they really throw lots and lots of different ideas into every song, backed up by lots of synths. I like the particular song below because of the awesome synth lines, but you really never have any idea where these songs are going. I'm going to see them tomorrow night, so more about that on Thursday hopefully.

So So Modern - Upgrade Your Chassis

p.s. french for sudafed is actifed.

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Sandra said...

Transgressive will be perfect for So So Modern. They are amazing and crazy live. Kudos for posting about them, they're on of my favourites.

PS: Ace blog!