Monday, 26 November 2007

artist: plugs

"That number looks familiar. It's mine."

Remember that chorus, because it's sure to sear its way into your mind over the next six months.

Plugs are three guys from St. Albans armed with drum machines, keyboards and guitars and some beautifully catchy choruses. I think it's fair to say that they blur the boundaries somewhat. They share a manager with Friendly Fires as well as being on People In The Sky, a relatively new label who put out FF's first releases.

That Number is set to be the first release by Plugs, and it's a pretty damn good way to get the ball rolling. A slow repeating keyboard riff and a hypnotic drum beat bring the song in, before the verse kicks in underpinned by some electronics that sound delightfully skewed. As with Friendly Fires, there is a certain warmth to their sound at times which I really like, if only because when it isn't there you really notice it. The aforementioned chorus builds up slowly, being traded with the verse to good effect before an awesome acapella / rap style breakdown surfaces around the 90 second mark. The song isn't just about the chorus though, the verses are just as catchy but it's the combination of these two components to some seriously eccentric, but still poppy electronics that really makes it work. The vocals are good too - the image that pops into my head is Thom Yorke circa Kid A minus the paranoia and whininess.

I think these guys would do well to avoid being pretty damn big in 2008. My friends in London tell me the live show is pretty immense. Few other songs on the myspace that are really worth a listen.

Plugs - That Number

Yuksek has also done a remix of the song, which beefs it up considerably, making it perfect for the dancefloor. You can find it over here on redthreat.

I downed one of these on Saturday. I wouldn't really advise it.


Mulrine said...

I love it.

And you are definately right. Totally spot on. They sound like they are going to be pretty popular.

Or at least with tracks like that they deserve it.

Mulrine said...

I've actually decided I'm in love with Plugs.

Do you think one would maybe be my friend?

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