Friday, 9 November 2007

gig : shychild @ point FMR 8/11

Have been laptopless for the past month. Borrowed other people’s but it makes me feel a bit rude and uneasy at times. It has made blogging very difficult, mainly just because I haven’t had access to the music on my computer. I haven’t been able to charge up my mp3 player either, so it’s pretty much been a vinyl month.

Anyway…I first saw Shy Child at Knife the Wife at Corsica Studios back in May with Kap Bambino.

For those of you who don’t know – Shy Child are a two piece from New York. Nate Smith plays the drums like an absolute demon, whilst Pete Cafarella sings and plays the keytar with such vitality he shatters any conception you might have that his instrument is just a toy.

Admittedly, on the various albums and the smattering of seven-inches released to date, this energy is not as evident; I only say this due to the sheer impact of their live show. Point Emphémère was sparsely populated last night, I think due to Les Inrocks Festival starting with gigs galore for the next few days (New Young Pony Club and Bondo de Role were in town last night). Support came from Holy Hail, who were not good. They lacked skills and enthusiasm, which is all I’m going to say.

Shy Child weren’t that happy at the lack of crowd, as a brief conversation outside with Pete testified. After ordering every crowd member to take five steps forward, the two boys commenced proceedings. They make a lot of noise, and they get you dancing and it’s just completely unrelenting in its objective of drawing you in. I often wonder how a lot of two-pieces make such a tremendous amount of noise, and other more populated groups often struggle to create anything with quite as much dynamism. If you can catch them on tour, I would highly recommend it due to the sheer exuberance of the Shy Child live show.

Shy Child – Noise Won’t Stop
Shy Child – Drop The Phone

Also, why is it that people never talk, or even look at each other on the underground. I don't see why the commute has to be that mind-numbing. I enjoyed the following video from La Blogotheque, showing Malajube playing some songs on the Parisien Metro. Really check out La Blogotheque / concerts a emporter. They are incredible.

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