Monday, 19 November 2007

incredible day of releases

Today has been weird. I seem to just keep finding out about more and more amazing releases. All on one day.

I'll jump right in with Daft Punk's ALIVE album. As soon as I was out of bed today, I pretty much ran to Virgin Megastore down the road to get my hands on my copy. There was a guy in front of me in the queue that took forever. Seeing them at 02 Wireless in Hyde Park this summer was possibly the best live music experience of my life. I don't think I've ever seen people have so much fun dancing at a gig. I was lucky enough to catch them at Global Gathering last year as well, but Wireless was much, much better. Not entirely sure why, but I think that it being outside at Wireless as opposed to inside a tent at Global helped. Also, being with a lot more of my friends helped, because it was outside and they came on at that magic time when the sun is just setting really helped to create an amazing atmosphere.

The album, if you can get the double CD version, is wonderfully packaged in a little hardback CD case that contains some amazing photographs from their world tour, which don't really do justice to the wonderful light show that accompanied their set, but is still worth a look. The audio is taken from their gig this July at Bercy, which is on the outskirts of Paris. If you aren't familiar with Daft Punk, you really really should be. The first two albums, Homework and Discovery received a better critical reception than their more recent offering, Human After All, but the 85 minutes on this CD is just flawless.

They manage to seamlessly piece almost their entire back catalogue into an incredible live experience. I remember at the time never really knowing what was going to happen next, so when Aerodynamic or Around the World came in suddenly, it really hit the spot. It was almost as if this was how they intended all the songs to be played all along. Digital Love is a notable omission, but I'm sure they had their reasons. It was the first thing to go on at the afterhouse party.

Below is the opening track to give you a taster, and the track which they sample heavily from for it. Go see Daft Punk if you can, it was incredible. Rumours abound that they might be playing a secret show for NYE but that's all it is. One half of the duo, Guy Manuel de Homem Christo just produced the new Sebastien Tellier album too, which will be worth watching out for.

Daft Punk - Robot Rock / Oh Yeah (ALIVE 2007)
Breakwater - Release The Beast (cheers to palms out sounds for this)

Buy Alive 2007 here.
Please stop reading this and run to Tesco and pick it up.


The next two artists are from London and could be bracketed into the whole anti-folk scene that seems to be going on in the capital at the moment. I don't really like when artists get pigeon-holed into scenes because a lot of the time it's really stupid, as a load of artists get included when really the musical similarities between them aren't always present. I think the main reason these artists have been grouped together is probably because they are all mates.

Johnny Flynn is one of those people who you might describe as annoyingly multi-talented. Not only is he a talented musician, lyricist and singer - he's also a trained Shakespearean actor, last seen starring in productions at The Old Vic. One would assume he feels comfortable on stage; I haven't had the pleasure yet, but I'm sure it won't be long. With his band The Sussex Wit, Johnny Flynn has released two 7" records on Young and Lost Records. The Box is his first for Y&L's parent label, Vertigo Records, and it's certainly the most catchy. The chorus is to die for and makes me feel like I should be in a field on a sunny day, sitting on a bale of hay whilst drinking home-made lemonade. They are playing in London on December 10th at Bush Hall for the Noah and the Whale Christmas party.

Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit - The Box
Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit - Eyeless in Holloway
///buy The Box here

Emmy The Great deserves to be massive, but probably won't be just yet. Out of all the female artists that have emerged from London and the surrounding area recently, (Lily Allen, Adele, Kate Nash, Laura Marling, Florence Welsh etc.) I think I prefer Emmy. Mainly because she has a turn of phrase that straddles a boundary between vulnerable and sarcastic. Her choice of subject matter is wide and thought provoking, ranging from car crashes to abortions. On her latest self-released single, Gabriel , she puts herself in the position of a woman in Victorian times marrying for money. She has a clear ability to evoke an emotional response, whilst still having reference points in modern culture. This interview from The Times with her reveals a lot more about her than I could hope to at this point. City Song is from her previous release - the amazing but appalingly titled My Bad EP. There are also a few tracks available from the Singles Club of Kruger Magazine, which is free to join.

Emmy The Great - Gabriel
Emmy The Great - City Song (XFM session)
///buy Gabriel here on Close Harbour


Remixes galore now as the reworkings of Bolt Action Five's Knightmare inspired Tree Friend Tree Foe, the debut release on new Pure Groove imprint, Lost In Paris reaches shelves today. I've mentioned this before so I won't go into too much detail, but the song certainly has awesome remix potential. Kissy Sell Out certainly earns his dough, it's worth buying just for his track. The Hadouken remix reminds me of Klaxons quite a lot.

Bolt Action Five - Tree Friend Tree Foe (Jamdouken remix)
buy Tree Friend Tree Foe remixes here

GoodBooks are an indie band that get remixed a lot - almost as much as Bloc Party. So I'm quite excited to see that they've released a remix album, entitled Control Freaks - The Remixes. Their songs seem to lend themselves beautifully to remixes, perhaps due to the vague electronics that pervade their ultimately guitar-based indie. In some cases, the remixes sound a lot better than the original versions - The Teenagers reworking of The Illness especially so. Again, Kissy Sell out rears his crazy fashion-core mullethead to wonderful effect on Leni. I was hoping that the Marvin The Martian take on Walk With Me would be on there, but sadly it isn't. I've put it below for you to check out. Is it a bad thing that the remixes seem to be better, in my opinion at least, than the actual album? They must be doing something right, that's for sure.

GoodBooks - The Illness (Teenagers remix)
GoodBooks - Leni (Kissy Sell Out remix)
Marvin The Martian - I Don't Go 'Alone'

buy off Control Freaks - The Remixes off I-tunes. Listen to the whole thing here


Last, but certainly not least, is a lovely bit of French electro from Danger. Heard about him off Good Weather and whilst I think it's certainly a bit early to be comparing him to Justice and the track to Waters of Nazareth, it's definitely deserving of your attention and possibly a place on party mixtapes. It's got a dirty 8-bit gamegear feel to it, with a vocal to match. There's another track over at Discobelle too, so check those out.

Danger - 11h30
buy 09/14/2007 Ep (Elkler'o'ShocK) here

I'm not going to do a release review like this every week, I just thought it odd that so many really good releases happened to fall on the same day. I definitely want to talk about releases, that's why I put the upcoming ones that interest me over in the box on the right. If there are any other good ones that I've missed today, please let me know. Should have RSS feed sorted by the end of the week also.

I'm incredibly excited about the album version of the following track, Red Sox Pugie.

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