Friday, 14 December 2007

gig: turzi + girl talk 07/12/07

Okay, so last Friday was my last night in Paris for a while, I ventured out to a few gigs. Here’s a brief recap.

First up was Turzi at La Mecanique Ondulatoire. The venue had a very British feel to it, the bar upstairs made me think of Camden. The stage itself was to be found at the bottom of a series of windy stairs in a very narrow, cramped cellar. They just don't make them like this anymore, at least not in England.

Bathed in UV light, I made my way to the bar as the support act got things going. Aqua Nebula Oscillator were an intense four piece with the beefiest bassist I've ever seen. The singer, dressed in a striking black catsuit, yelped and prowled around the stage whilst her bandmates created a wall of pulsating psychedelic noise that was an assault on the senses.

Turzi, from Paris (made up of Romain Turzi and his band Reich IV) took to the stage around an hour later, and despite technical difficulties that rendered lead singer Romain’s vocals practically inaudible, I still came away from the gig very impressed.

If you were to demand of me a quick-fire description of the Turzi live show, I’d say they sounded like a reckless Battles. On record, the impact of their psychedelic synth heavy sound is not as immediate as the live show, which is completely unrelenting in the authority it wields over the audience through slow building repetition that is strangely hypnotic. There is a certain air of nihilism about their performance also, judging by the way the singer ripped his guitar strings off one by one mid-song towards the end. If you catch them live, you’ll find it hard not to be drawn in even if you can’t work out quite why. When I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

Turzi are on tour with Simian Mobile Disco around the United Kingdom in the early part of 2008. I think in venues with decent sound they will turn a few heads.

Turzi - Afghanistan (right click and save as)

buy stuff here // visit myspace // get tickets for SMD tour

After that, I hopped on the Metro at Bastille and whizzed all the way over to Le Showcase for Girl Talk. For those of you not familiar with Girl Talk, imagine pretty much every good song you’ve heard on the radio in the last decade or so, chopped up into a million different samples then regurgitated and reinterpreted into a brilliant live set, which just begs everybody in earshot to hurry to the dancefloor and cut loose. All this is orchestrated by Gregg Gillis who bounces up and down on stage behind a laptop, steadily losing clothes and inciting havoc along the way. It’s what all those horrible Chemical Brothers vs Nirvana vs The Killers vs Underworld vs Fatman Scoop mashups you hear at places like Walkabout would sound like if they were actually any good.

There is a live bootleg available over here at good weather for airstrikes.

Back to England tomorrow for the first time in 14 weeks. Excited. Not back in London in time for Kotki Dwa single launch though, which is shit. Lots of interesting things coming up on here.

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