Wednesday, 5 December 2007

kotki dwa: robin's clogs

Kotki Dwa are a band that have impressed me a lot over the last couple of months. I wrote about their Tate Tracks winning song, Le Beau Charcutier, a few months back and since then their self- released album, onlyyouaresleeping, has been on regular circulation.

Their debut single for Mily Records, Robin's Clogs, arrived in my mailbox last week and it is brilliant. Not only did I receive a wonderfully packaged 7 inch, I also got a big poster with the artwork for the single on one side and the lyrics on the other, a CD with the two tracks on and a lovely green badge. Not bad for 4 pounds.

I think this single demonstrates quite well what Kotki Dwa are about, whilst not really giving too much away either. The A-side, Robin's Clogs, shows off their more upbeat side - a 4 minute pop frolic with some beautifully dreamy electronics that sound delightfully cheap. Imagine a bottle of Lucozade poured over a stack of MIDI keyboards and you’re just about there. It has a lovely breakdown towards the end too, with a refrain of ‘étoile-étoile-étoile-étoile-étoile-cœur’ (star x 5 + heart).

I’m not really sure what the lyrics are about - you definitely get the impression that the singer, Alex, is influenced by his life as a graphic-design student but it’s by no means an attempt at social commentary or anything like that.

The video is visually breathtaking also, painstakingly created in stopmotion in the aforementioned Alex’s bedroom over the past summer. It depicts a crazy village with a little guy with an ice cream cart, presumably Robin, driving round. The film is made up of thousands of stills, which must have taken an age to photograph before you even take into account the time taken to build all the gingerbread men, flowers, birds, houses and characters involved. It brings to mind the work of Michel Gondry or Panique au village. I only wish there was a DVD so I could watch it on my TV. I have posted it below, it’s certainly worth a watch.

The B-Side, Halogen, is the track I prefer more out of the release. The mellower side of Kotki Dwa is revealed with a wonderful, yearning ditty about a nightclub encounter with a pixie-faced girl called Vanessa that the singer appears to be completely infatuated with. She doesn’t appear to be that interested.

Kotki Dwa - Halogen (streaming)

I think it’s a really encouraging sign that Kotki Dwa seem to have the knack of creating slower, more affecting songs at the same time as more upbeat oddball electro-pop numbers. I can’t see them causing havoc on the dancefloor, but I really don’t think that’s their intention with their produced output and it is in no way a flaw - to judge from their radio session for 6Music, live they certainly possess more vigour.

So, Robin’s Clogs is a very promising debut, the artwork and the whole package is DIY done to perfection. I get the feeling though that their best is most certainly yet to come - the single doesn't really reveal the true range of the singer's voice.

Little Flags
is available to download below, a song off their album which merges all of the qualities I’ve mentioned above brilliantly. I defy you not to like it.

Kotki Dwa - Little Flags

visit their myspace / website / buy their stuff from pure groove

Most of their stuff is available direct, go to the myspace for more info. They have a single launch party on 15th December in London that I'd love to go to. But I can't.///ticketweb


Sam said...

Good post mate, virtual blowjobs all around me thinks. I like the picture of your post (mail), it makes the band seem much better than they actually are.

Robin said...

If you want to know the story behind the song and what its about, its all on

like the review you really should go see them live they defiantly do get people dancing its surprisingly extreamly energetic.


jehan said...

definitely gonna see kotki dwa live when I get the chance. it's difficult when you're in a different country.

i'm intrigued to see how it all goes down live!

Ed Cresdee said...

hello jehan! i was googling for kotki dwa songs and found this haha. where did you order your 7" from? i have money to waste!

Michael said...

Can you post the lyrics?
Actually I just need to know what they're singing when it's like: 'and twirl and twirl and twirl and twirl and twirl GIRL'
but that's probably wrong

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