Monday, 7 January 2008


Okay. So my laptop has broken again! Twice in 6 months. Not fucking happy at all. Think this time it's pretty dead. I was in the middle of writing a post on Kitsuné Maison 5 before the black screen of death descended. I can't really finish it as I don't have much time on borrowed laptops. Here is my favourite track from the album, the fairy lights remix of Late of the Pier's Broken - this is pretty similar to the remix which you can find with their Zarcorp demo and most of the time's I've seen them it's usually what they've started their sets with. It is a lovely, scrunched up reworking by the band themselves of an incredible song. It's the first thing to pop out from them since signing to Parlophone. Enjoy. It's rather fitting given my technical difficulties. It's definitely getting played at my birthday party tomorrow along with the rest of the album which includes some sweet tracks from David E. Sugar, Fischerspooner, Does It Offend You, Yeah, DatA, Rex The Dog, Big Face et cetera.

Back soon. Hopefully. 

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