Saturday, 23 February 2008


There comes a point on Beat Pyramid, the cryptic debut from Southend’s These New Puritans, where the chorus hits and Jack Barnett let’s rip with: “Gold!... Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold!”

A lot of criticism has been directed his way because of his vocal similarities, shall we say, to the style of Mark E. Smith, but this outburst seems to be no less than a tongue firmly in cheek reference to this:

Spandau Ballet - Gold

The song in question, Colours, continues Beat Pyramid’s lyrical theme of numerology and reafirms its exploration of really loud, really, really big drums. The vocals come across as a more nonchalant Test Icicles, and the instrumentation has a notable whiff of the now defunct London outfit too. The middle-eight comes as a blast of colour from the relatively sparse textures of the verse and chorus, and after another volley of rhythm and guitar it’s all over. Excellent.

These New Puritans - Colours

As we are on the subject of gold, here is the video of the Klaxons/Rihanna Umbrella collaboration at this year’s Brit Awards - Klaxons worked as a backing band to the Barbados-born RnB superstar with a re-worked version of Golden Skans.

by robin boothroyd

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kathryn said...

lover- is that not your watch in GOLD!!!!