Thursday, 14 February 2008

young love

I love this song. It's absolutely timeless. Beginning with a bass line that creeps in slowly, almost reminiscent of Barry White's You're the First, the Last, My Everything, the guitars then kick in and vocals arrive, in typical Mystery Jets fashion, chorus first.

You could say that a lot of Mystery Jets songs sound very similar, at least where vocal melodies are concerned. To find fault with this though is to miss the point completely. This band deserves the mainstream success that somehow eluded them with their debut. Perhaps the band themselves are aware of this, as they have chosen to play live in a more streamlined form without Henry Harrison, father of frontman Blaine. Henry still plays a vital role in writing lyrics for the group, even if he no longer contributes to the live experience. The art direction for the new album seems to be much clearer also, I liked the haze of Making Dens / Zootime but change is always good (When I get round to the album review, I'll get someone to model the t-shirt. it's a good one!)

Changing contributions seems to be a theme here, as guitarist William takes over lead vocal duty in this tale of boy meets girl, girl gives boy number, he loses it, cue angst and yearning. A situation that occurs all the time, whether out of accident or design, is relayed here with a lyrical deftness and fluidity that doesn't give away the slightest hint that it's a song written in the 21st century - in a modern pop sense, it's timeless. Laura Marling adds her sultry touch to the version on record, a role which Blaine takes on live. It's just incredibly catchy and if you can't walk down the street whilst listening to this and not even feel a little bit happy, then you're in the wrong place.

Mystery Jets - Young Love
pre-order the single...out in March

What a video! Almost as good as A-Punk by Vampire Weekend. William's tye-dye tee shirt is incredible.

Whilst we're on the subject of love, it's Valentine's Day and I'm in Paris. So that means that everybody is proposing to everybody under the Eiffel Tower, half the country has gone on strike because of love and the town just feels as gooey as a slowly, melting Camembert.

Actually, it's not like that. It's just another day and I'm a cynic. Don't worry, I have a heart I just don't like how it's just a huge pressurised situation where restaurant prices go sky high and everybody acts in a certain way because they feel they have to. There are 364 other days in the year. Here are some other songs to fill you with joie de vivre...or not.

Postcards from Italy is possibly the best ukelele song about love and longing ever made. The Frogs by Damien is a beautifully chilled out song which delves into the French psyche, it's very funny - if you like Soko you might like this. You'll figure the others out...more on those guys later.

Beirut - Postcards From Italy (live)

Damien - The Frogs - (album stream)

Who Made Who - Rose (myspace)

Manu Chao - Je Ne T'Aime Plus

Gang of Four - Anthrax

The Maccabees - First Love (acoustic) - on Daytrotter (awesome session site)

My laptop is stuck in a mail depot somewhere in London. Hopefully, it will turn up soon so I can actually write about music regularly, instead of incredibly slowly.


kathryn said...

DAN!!! since coming to stay last week- valentine's week as it were- this song has been a teeny weeny bit stuck in my head- ok- A LOT!!! i want their bikes, i want the tie-dye tee, i want want WANT to see the mystery jets live. love it! i need to write soon. better get my ass out to some gigs pre-examination time. big love x

Miss Weena said...

I'VE BEEN CRAVING THAT GODDAMNED MANU CHAO SONG FOREVERRRR. you guys are the bees knees. love love love love.