Wednesday, 30 April 2008

sebastiAN - motor // late of the pier - focker

SebastiAN has dropped the dance tune / banger / riproarer of the year to date. Motor is absolutely relentless. Bearing all the hallmarks of what we have come to expect from an Ed Banger, as well as from SebastiAN, I think it manages to make the previous undisputed electro destroyer, Waters of Nazareth, seem a little tame. It's pretty much set to demolish everything and everyone in its path like the great big electro lawnmower it is.

SebastiAN - Motor

Castle Donnington's finest, Late of the Pier, are soon to return with their first single proper for Parlophone. Space and the Woods was first released last year on Way Out West Records but has since been scrubbed up and polished by Erol Alkan, whose stock as a producer continues to rise exponentially. I'm not really a fan of re-releases but the other track on the release just goes to show how weird Late of the Pier really are, which is great. Focker is a fuzzy little number that is bonkers. Possibly not quite as bonkers as previous 12" single The Bears Are Coming, but it straddles that bridge that everybody knew existed between 80's hair metal, more recent French inspired 'lectro stuff and TV shows like Finders Keepers perhaps. You can certainly imagine lead singer, Sam, tearing a room to shreds and then covering everyone in gunk. I hope they threaten the charts as well.

Late of the Pier - Focker

Late of the Pier - Space and the Woods (Radio Edit) (out May 19th)

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