Sunday, 3 May 2009

blast from the past: silent to the dark

Friday 15th March. I'd probably just had my tea and was pissing the hours away on Championship Manager like any self-respecting skint 16-year old. I popped downstairs to have a glance at Top of the Pops and the performance above struck a chord. The small talk on the radio line set something off. Dashed upstairs and downloaded the album off some kind of P2P software in about half an hour. Probably played more Championship Manager. I feel guilty about not buying the Mercury nominated Holes in the Wall.

Though since this transgression, I've seen The Electric Soft Parade four times. I bought their second, criminally underrated second album, The American Adventure as well as The Human Body EP. I've also been to see Brakes a few times as well and picked up a few seven-inches. I also bought an exceptionally shit Brotherhood of Fish cap that I never ever wore. I also bought The American Adventure on vinyl. I even won an associated competition to visit the theme park. I think they picked me as the winner because I lived vaguely near. I asked if the band were going to be there? Nope. Would they pay for my transport there as I was too young to drive? Nope. Could they just send me an album instead? Okay.

I dearly hoped they would somehow glean that I already had The American Adventure and that what I really wanted was Holes in the Wall. The mouthwash blue Minidisc was starting to skip.
Sadly they saddled me with another copy of The American Adventure.

Caught the 50 into town. Ambled up Queen St into FOPP. Can I swap this album please for something else? I plumped for O by Damien Rice on the strength of Volcano. The guy behind the counter said sure. He then informed me that they didn't usually wrap their CDs in cellophane but he rang it through anyway.

Still no Holes in the Wall. Should I feel guilty about this? People talk about downloading killing music but in this instance, I have probably spent in the region of £60 on a band, which I definitely wouldn't have done had I not downloaded illegally. Vindication in my eyes. Check the opening track of their fuzzy late 90's inspired indie. Fuzzy in so many ways.

The Electric Soft Parade - Start Again

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Sam said...

You've clearly overspent but considering that the album's available on amazon for one penny, if you put up an advert i'll set your blog as my homepage until you can cover costs (postage included!). Thank me later.