Wednesday, 21 May 2008

i saw you waiting in the water....

Late of the Pier. I have been going on about them a lot, which I make no apology for. Just a quick post here to highlight possibly one of the best free things to come with a record ever.

3D Sunglasses in the style of the original Space in the Woods single. As modelled by me. to go with their last single The Bears Are Coming, which finally found its way to me last week. To be seen on dancefloors and hip clubs everywhere as LOTP continue their weird ascent to the top of planet pop? Err....probably not as they are just made out of paper. Would not last five seconds at a gig. They make everything look rather skewed and hazy though.

As is the song.

Late of the Pier - The Bears Are Coming
////buy here at turntable lab

They also have made lemon curd...not really a fan myself though of citrus based conserves. What other crazy LOTP merchandise would you think would outdo these items? I think some kind of timepiece in the style of the Thundercats sword, cheese knife, possibly boxer briefs or a letter opener? Ideas anybody? Can you outdo a letter opener? They've just finished the mastering of their album, so I'm told, it certainly looks at the moment like Erol Alkan could have two albums on any truthful self-respecting list of great albums of two thousand and eight...Warehouse party on June 6th in a secret Shoreditch location....mysterious.