Saturday, 7 June 2008

DANGER // fleche d'or // 060608

Dot to Dot update is taking longer than expected. Things get in the way, like Danger at Fleche D'Or. In terms of electro, Paris was spoilt last night. Kavinsky was over at Paris Social Club. Tough call but I hadn't seen Danger before, I saw Kavinsky in the rain at Primavera and Fleche D'Or is gratuit, so really it's a no brainer.

After what seemed like an eternity, Franck took to the stage and let rip. Stage invasion ensued soon after, the beats were nice. A word or two about the mask, he looks like Spiderman's long lost evil electro twin. It's a good look. Comparisons to Justice are lazy from a sound point of view, but in terms of hype potential it's probably fair. It's good how even at this early stage he has a clear vision of how he wants to present himself and his music (see Kavinsky also). The mask is one thing, but the use of 24 hour times for his track names is different. I'm pretty sure he probably has code names in this style for his remixes as well. I could easily envisage his album being called 24h00. Certainly has a nice ring to it.

Here is Danger's latest cut. It's a bit less frantic than 11h30 but still motors along nicely.

Danger - 7h46

Enjoy. You can find more over at the excellent Kidz by Colette. I'm off to Villette Sonique once my hangover subsides for HEALTH and Chromatics. More French electro that is possibly a bit less known to come soon.

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