Friday, 8 August 2008

primavera festival, barcelona // day 3

LinkPrimavera part 1 here for all those latecomers out there.

Saturday at Primavera was all about the drummers and then the beats. First waking up on a random sofa of our new Catalunyan buddy after going to bed at like 7am, Marc and miserably gathering some energy together before heading back to the forum.

First up was Scout Niblett who just blew me away in the sleepy surroundings of the auditorium. Basically, a plush theatre totally at odds with the Spanish car park chic of the rest of the festival. Sam fucked off to the VIP area as is his wont, and I settled down with my friend Adam, who hadn't slept since about three days previous and was in a bit of a state. He slept all the way through, the seats were far too comfy. Her voice = emotion.

Scout Niblett - Kiss

Next up was Lightspeed Champion, who is an interesting prospect live. I hate it say it, but the guy seems intimidated by the audience every time I have seen him perform. It's a pity because some of his songs are of a very high quality. Midnight Surprise is awesome, all ten minutes of it. He needs a proper female backing vocalist live though, as Emmy The Great's underpinning role in his songs should not be overlooked. MP3 to follow in Melt! review.

Dirty Projectors had sound problems, which is always gonna be annoying when you have vocals that straddle a fine line between tender and painful. Thankfully my ears stopped hurting and the sound sorted itself out. Smiles all round.

Dirty Projectors - Police Story

Next up were Menomena, who never cease to amaze me live. A mix of three talented individuals that could have and do have other projects going on. Each of their vocals covers a different range and it always leaves me wondering which one of them I'd like to see most on their own. Probably the drummer I think.

Menomena - The Pelican

Back to the Vice stage for Alan Braxe, one of the king's of French filter house. He's pretty well known for his work with Fred Falke, and whilst you can't really say that it's original, it's just fucking good. Nobody ever stopped drinking beer or 1€ Jagermeister because it wasn't good. He played the instrumentals from Modjo's Lady which I loved. No vocals but the crowd knew what they were witnessing.

Alan Braxe - Addicted

LES SAVY FAV = incredible live. Everybody knows that they have one of the best and craziest frontman in recent years. I don't need to say anymore.

Back, back down to the Vice stage for some slightly more recent French electro goodness. First up was Surkin, who is 20 but looks about 12. White Night Two is one of the best dance tracks I've heard all year and certainly signals a step up for Ben. His DJing ability has never been in doubt, but I wasn't too sure about the tunes. He's climbing though, and if France were to have an electro fighting tag-team, I'd have Surkin alongside Danger and SebastiAn.

Kavinsky, on the other hand, cannot DJ very well. I think everybody knows this. It doesn't matter though because he is quite possibly the coolest looking motherfucker alive. Take a look at that photo above. He is 34, but acts like he is about 21. What he lacks in live DJing ability he makes up with some killer 80's zombie electro. It bugs me when people bracket Kavinsky in with the Ed Banger lot, because he isn't signed to Ed Banger. And he doesn't use distortion, which the big Ed Banger players are famed for. It's more melodic, arpeggiated and the artwork is like the best comic never made.

Surkin - White Night Two
Kavinsky - Wayfarer

Right, I'm moving out of Paris kinda soon. Gonna try and get a post up tomorrow with my track of the summer so far. It's fucking killer and that's all I'm going to say. Melt! review on Monday and then LOTP instore at Pure Groove on Tuesday. I need to stop going to festivals cos they are so incredibly annoying to write up.

Competition to be announced also. This blog is moving too. Wordpress. And I want more writers. So, if you think you have what it takes, email me.

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