Tuesday, 14 October 2008

the chap or esser?

The plethora of opportunities available to people in London never really ceases to amaze me. There is always so much to do, and so much to see. Perhaps, too much. Tomorrow night in Central London, I am torn as to where I should direct my feet and my ears in search of music. My genre of choice is slightly off-kilter wonky pop music, and still there is choice.

At White Heat, housed in the salubrious Madame Jojo's, I could go see The Chap. The below track, passed on to me absent-mindedly by my graphic design whizz-kid friend, Lucas, leaves me in mild disarray whilst wondering if this really is a song about Wendy Carlos (née Walter) and Stanley Kubrick. It could also be about Walter Stanley, a NFL player but it's most likely about nothing at all. Shivering synths, guitars jarring around nonchalent vocals yet ridiculous lyrics. Barringtone were meant to be supporting but I hear the singer, Barry, has broken a finger.

The Chap - Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley

Down the road at the ICA is the electro pop troubadour that is Esser. It's fair to call him a troubadour since he writes almost incessantly about the bitter suffering he endures at the hands of the fairer sex. Executed with panache, Satisfied laments the male condition whilst going on to illuminate the futility of trying to please a woman, as buying all the shoes just won't do. Whilst I Love You felt like a reinterpetation of White Town, this latest single from the ex-Ladyfuzz drummer demonstrates his knack for oddball pop, this time set against a 1920's vaudeville piano line. One of the singles of the year.

Esser - Satisfied (Radio Edit)

I can't decide which gig to go to. The presence of Micachu (ironic given her lyrical opposition almost to troubadourdom) supporting Esser might swing it.


The Daily Growl said...

Go with Esser and Micachu - definitely!

Keith said...

no way! massive mistake! come and see the chap! it's impossible that it won't be a life changing experience. seriously, i guarantee it. i'll literally give you your money back if it isn't!

Keith said...

(This is Keith, the bearded drummer, so obviously I'm biased, but I'm also in a good situation for refunding your cash...)

Keith said...

so were esser any good?

jehan said...

the weight of the decision impacted my mental state such that I couldn't leave the pub.

My spies at the ICA said it was awful. beyond awful. really bad.

I have seen Esser before. I haven't seen The Chap before. I will definitely be at Hoxton or Proud Galleries and take you up on the offer.

Keith said...

Excellent. You have plenty of time to prepare for this one!