Thursday, 16 October 2008

eugene mcguinness : nightshift

The other day I expressed a view misgivings as to whether the Eugene McGuinness album would cut the mustard so effortlessly and thrillingly splattered by the preceding mini-album, The Early Learnings...

The self-titled affair has been knocking around my shitty MP3 player for a week or so and I'm warming to its subtleties a lot. I was worried that there would be no moments of joyous exuberance to match the likes of Bold Street, Monsters Under The Bed & A Girl Whom My Eyes Shine For.

Nightshift weighs in at 1:38 and still packs one hell of a punch whilst including all the trademark McGuinnessisms like three bags full nursery rhyme lines allied to cooing falsetto breaks and jangly guitars. Surefire second single. It also maintains the weird atmosphere that surrounds his music that leaves me unsure what decade it is. At times, his voice and his delivery just belong to a bygone era.

Eugene McGuinness - Nightshift

visit his myspace////buy the album///get an acoustic version from keep hope inside

Now to some other views, this guy over at DrownedinSound seems to love the line about synchronising watches and meeting of crotches in Fonz. I don't like it, but maybe it's just that I don't like the fact my attention was brought to it before I'd actually heard it's delivery. Whoops, sorry, I didn't mean to bring it your attention. Great tune otherwise.

Something I would like to bring your attention to also is my new band. I'm not usually one for shameless self-promotion but this involves a party that's free, so I figured it would be good to share. The gig takes place this Saturday 18th October at Kensington Roof Gardens. Entry is free before 10pm and there is a drinks reception. You have to look sharp. It's because of the flamingoes they have there, they get upset if you aren't smart. My talents have now expanded from being able to sing well to also being able to play a Micro Korg synthesizer slung low around my hips. The name of this soulful jazz-punk sextet is Al Cool and the Stranger Wines. I'm fucking excited. Recordings to follow in a week or two and the Dirty Hands XFM session for John Kennedy should be rearing its head soon also. Enough about me, here is the flyer. You can ask questions but I may not answer them. Tunes speak for themselves.

email me here to go on the guestlist or invite your bad self on facebook.


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