Monday, 27 October 2008

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I'm sure most of you are well acquainted with Focker. If not, then get acquainted. The video is below, you can have a few moments to compose yourself. Bipartite would be one way to describe the song, the second part being the component Boys Noize has decided to play with. I say play with because it isn't really a remix. I don't feel as if the song has been ripped apart and put back together in any way. It's just the bit at the end, sprinkled with the Boys Noize scuzzy, bass-heavy, robot magic. Turning it into what you almost wish the whole thing was in the first place - an all out banger. The fact that it isn't makes you more aware of Late of the Pier's charms though.

They are playing a gig in their fair, hometown city of Nottingham in the most unorthodox and small of venues, the Chameleon Arts Café on November 30th. Support from Phantasy Sound's Fan Death, it promises to be wild. There are about 10 tickets left, I doubt the place will hold more than 120 - 150. I'm heading back on the East Midlands Train, so should you.

Late of the Pier - Focker (Boys Noize Terror Re-Did)

///buy tickets for the Nottingham gig here

In other remix news, check out this choice cut from Aeroplane featuring Au Revoir Simone on vocals. They have a stab at Friendly Fires' Paris which takes on the wintery, pop classic incorporating Aeroplane's choppy disco sound with lush vocals that seem a better fit for certain parts of the song, chorus especially. It evokes a blissful, honeyed night-out that you would never find at Le Showcase ironically, but certainly walking home past Place de la Concorde and dancing around by the operahouse. Watch out for Aeroplane's remix of Sebastien Tellier's Kilometer (coming soon!), it's fair to say they are on a bit of a roll.

Friendly Fires - Paris (Aeroplane Remix feat. Au Revoir Simone)

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