Tuesday, 18 November 2008

anoraak: live in london

The band from Nantes play White Heat tonight with similar sounding synth-pop sounds coming from the likes of Minitel Rose and Futurecop! This post is a preview, listen to the remixes below and then find some 80's clobber and get on down to Madame Jojo's for a boogie (they are playing some other dates if you are otherwise engaged). I imagine some kind of writeup will follow, but time is of the essence for me currently so it's on hold, the weekend took it out of me. As well as Nevereverland, I also squeezed in Plugs and Boy Crisis at Proud and the night before at Barfly with Violens. A low-fat preview is better than no preview at all. The remixes are full-fat anyway.

Metronomy - Heartbreaker (Anoraak Remix)

Of Montreal - Gallery Piece (Minitel Rose Remix)

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