Sunday, 2 November 2008

playing catching up...

Elle Milano split up. Gutted. Read various testimonies of mine to their brilliance - interview, album review and feature. They left with a parting gift, four more songs to add to their magnificent oeuvre. Enjoy. I'll probably talk more about this in the future, it is a fucking travesty.

Elle Milano - (Our Lives Are A Constant) In-Joke
Elle Milano - HappyCopper
Elle Milano - Cut Up The Middle Man
Elle Milano - Schwanengesang

Acres of Dead Space Cadets is one of the albums of the year. Another was the debut effort from Pete and the Pirates - Little Death. Their live shows for the past year or so have featured songs that were written too late to make the cut, and they certainly whet the appetite for the sophomore release, which should surface early 2009. I cannot wait to hear the following track after it's been put through a studio. The chorus = harmonies to die for, another one of those under the duvet moments they slide into their dark, but chirpy guitar pop.

Pete and the Pirates - Cold Black Kitty (live at Paradiso)

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