Sunday, 25 January 2009

preview: jeremy warmsley @ lock tavern

The best boozer around. Maybe. It's certainly has the (dubious) honour of being Camden's finest. On a Sunday. With the baddest waistcoast / t-shirt combo wearer around providing tunes. He told me Marina + The Diamonds was going to play as well, but she apparently has a combo of tonsilitus and bronchitus, so I'd hazard a guess she won't be there. Pity. Still, it's a beautifully free way to spend a Sunday. Even though I'm writing this on Saturday afternoon, it will be Sunday when you read this. You're probably hungover. I almost certainly will be, in fact at the time this goes online, I should be at a Deep Note party gettting my funk on. I'll wake up the next day and go for a roast and watch some bands and think about how good Tellier was the night before.

This song is still the most brutal search for identity which then selfdestructs in about 180 seconds. See it live. In the flesh. I'll tell you more about the night later, as well as the other bands, Stricken City and Woe Betides.


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