Saturday, 7 February 2009

crystal antlers & loverman @ transparent

My timekeeping is poor. Showed my face at a friend's in Waterloo then clambered aboard a 63 in a rush to Pentonville Road. I shut my eyes for a second and I have no idea where the bus is. Hold my nose and ask the pungent drunk next to me which way is Pentonville Road? He tells me to get off, so I do with the stumble typical of any attempt to leave a still moving vehicle. Walking up Pentonville Road for what seems like forever, Theophilius London's latest mixtape soundtracking my ascent. The Lexington finally looms into vision, I stumble up more stairs and clasp a pint and sigh as I realize I've missed nearly all of Loverman and Ark People (there'll be a next time for those kids for sure) on the quality lineup put together by Transparent Magazine

(they've recently implemented a new layout and it is smoking!).

Thankfully, I caught My Trick Is I Don't Die, like a brick to the face. A live rendering as visceral and utterly thrilling as I'd hoped. A super tight band beating the living shit out of their instruments whilst Gabriel growled and prowled his way around, a slightly possessed singer.

Loverman - My Trick Is I Don't Die

Crystal Antlers impressed as I knew they would, but didn't send to me dizzying heights of rapture. I was slightly put off by the seemingly superfluous extra percussionist on stage left. He didn't add much and kept distracting me from the rest of the group with over the top nothing gestures. Their EP is worth having on your record player as you don't have to see all that and you can just sit back for the ride.

Crystal Antlers - A Thousand Eyes


Anonymous said...

nice review of the show. its good to see my hometown homies getting some love abroad. and hopefully some love from a broad. or two.

Anonymous said...
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