Thursday, 12 February 2009

david sugar @ slaughtered lamb tonight ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Sugar is a fucking genius. Fuck the idea that you should release one album every two years, maybe every year, or even every 9 months, then peddle the absolute fuck out of it for ages and ages. David Sugar is doing everything on the fly, a man after my own heart. Plan for 2009. Release a track every week for the whole year. 52 tracks. Release a vinyl EP each month with the 4 tracks. Have a free party to celebrate at my new favourite watering hole in Farringdon, The Slaughtered Lamb. Coopers beer is all I'm going to say on that. One compilation at the mid-point of the year, an album a la fin.

David E. Sugar - To Yourself

To Yourself
is still his go-to tune. Tight production, pulsing bass squelches that almost belong on a Ministry of Sound compil circa 2000 (garage times) and choruses and hooks emitted from a voice that sounds like an actual young twenty something chatting shit about girls. Although You May Laugh is a worthy follow up, featuring on Kitsuné 6. I kinda wish Sugar was a pop star appearing on CD:UK and T4. He would wipe the floor with somebody like Lemar. I'm unwilling to say more until I've seen the kid in action, so I won't.

David E. Sugar - Although You May Laugh

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