Tuesday, 10 February 2009

fleet foxes: mykonos

It's fair to say Fleet Foxes are on a victory lap. A younger version of myself would have been upset at the inclusion of bonus tracks, devious marketing ploy that it kinda is to entice new customers into gaining something supposedly exclusive. It's only an extra track though, I see the bigger picture these days.

I chanced upon a lovely 7-inch of the extra track, Mykonos, in HMV on Oxford Street and thought it worthy of adding to my collection. A collection that hasn't been supplemented much of late, mainly due to a lack of space in my Hackney abode and just the ol' crunch I guess. This is classic Fleet Foxes, if such an utterance can really be made at such an early point in their career. The refrain around the second minute mark doesn't so much stick in your head, rather it seems as if it's been there all along.

Enjoy this live, somewhat rawer version, less coated in reverb - courtesy of Music Under Fire

Fleet Floxes - Mykonos

Good set guys.

buy the vinyl.

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