Saturday, 14 February 2009

if he breaks your heart

Happy Valentines. As you read this, I will be far away probably in some kind of warehouse in a sleepy village, asleep.

Whatever you do for your beloved this weekend, do not go to The Slaughtered Lamb tomorrow with the intention of treating them to aural brilliance from Jeremy Warmsley, Slow Club and Johnny Flynn amongst others. It is totally, totally, totally sold out so unless you are one of the ten people (the downstairs room is small) who have bought tickets, no point going I'm afraid.

Jeremy Warmsley - If He Breaks Your Heart (acoustic)

Download this instead. If you're lonely on Valentines, watch the above video. Jeremy looks so very lonely, it's bound to cheer you up.

If the only way to satisfy your beloved is live Jeremy Warmsley, get cosy in front of your laptop and watch the below video. Check out those rhythm section harmonies. Aren't they just to die for? This post is like a video-MP3-video sandwich. Has to be some kind of first. I love the advert at the start of this one, really highlights the power of music.

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