Thursday, 5 February 2009

lock tavern: jeremy warmsley

I dragged my sorry ass to the Lock Tavern on the rainy Sunday after Sébastien Tellier (part 2 of feature coming soon, it's just it's lengthy and I just need to clear some exclusive live tracks with Record Makers) and Deep Note the night before. The roast beef was very good, succulent I might add. Broccoli a bit overdone, same with the carrots. For me a Yorkshire pudding should not be overdone, not even done. Crispy on the outside and a little soft and squidgy in the middle. The Lock Tavern Yorkshire was too hard. Roast potatoes and parsnips were solid, nothing special. Washed down with Kronenbourg and and Tribute. The Lock Tavern is a great place to spend a Sunday doing absolute fuck all. In the summer, it's lush outside and in winter they have heaters.

We got some music as well. After the cancellation of Marina + The Diamonds, it was left to The Woe Betides to provide support. They gave a sterling account of themselves, despite playing to a backing track which always makes me feel a little uneasy. Two men with a good understanding, defiantly a duo. I liked how they both took charge of the stage and their grungy-pop songs without overpowering each other. The 'I don't need you anymore' refrain in the track below will linger like the odours on your clothes after a long weekend.

The Woe Betides - Under the Sand

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The headline act was Jeremy Warmsley of course. He wowed the crammed confines of the Lock Tavern's upstairs with a set that demonstrated a cohesiveness and confidence on the rise. The lack of a piano ruled out a few numbers but the songs he picked from both albums merged together really well. For me, this is the sign of a good live act, when an artist doesn't sound like they are simply reproducing their album on stage. If you want to listen to an album, you can do that anywhere.

A new track, I Don't Know, sounded incredible with backing harmonies timed to absolute perfection. Hopefully that will emerge soon. One thing all London based Warmsley fans should drag themselves down to is The Heartbreak Ball in Farringdon on Sunday 15th February. It's an all-day (well 4pm onwards) affair curated by Jeremy, featuring the likes of Johnny Flynn, Slow Club, Gossamer Albatross, A Classic Education and Stars of Sunday League. The man himself will be performing as well obviously. To celebrate this and the best holiday of the year, Valentine's Day, he will be releasing an acoustic version of If He Breaks Your Heart for download the day before. Listen to it below and get your tickets.

Jeremy Warmsley - If He Breaks Your Heart (acoustic)

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