Sunday, 1 February 2009

peoples person club: our greatest invention

Out of all the music appearing on shattered satellite so far in '09, it's this song that has stuck in my head the most. Peoples Person Club are from Leamington Spa and count Post War Years as best buddies. The brainchild of John Ridgard, evidently weaned on a diet of Skittles and Panda Pops. I'm making such hasty assumptions on his childhood because the song is hyperactive in that state you only reach under the influence of a mad sugar high, intense and ephemeral, liable to run into sharp-cornered furniture at any second.

All manner of keyboard squirks and squarks surround some nice jingle-jangle guitars and hazy melodic clutter in this four-minute frolic. The words are shunted out through a voice that I find endearingly catchy, a little bit reminiscent of Alex from my faves kotki dwa, but with a bit more attitude. You'll find yourself singing along. There's too much humming on the wires.

Peoples Persons Club - Our Greatest Invention

I'm a big fan of the breakdown. Take your chorus. Slice it up. Repeat it very slowly, then go faster and faster then lead yourself slyly into the instrumental outro with handclaps.

John seems like an ambitious chap, informing me of the following:
- When I die I don't want people to say, 'Now there goes a man who made a good music'
- I want it to be, 'There goes a man who made the best music'.

If he knocks out twenty more tunes like this badboy, he's well on the way to having the best music written all over his tombstone, as well as the minds of music fans everywhere. Our Greatest Invention will probably come out in 2010 on fantastically limited edition vinyl when Post War Years set up their own imprint, even though imprints might have gone out of fashion by then. Out of his current crop, I'd choose this mellow but intense effort as the B-Side.

People Persons Club - Don't Get On Anothers Trip


Ian said...
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itsgood2slide said...

I saw this band last year and they were brilliant. Do you have any more songs by them? Their myspace page seems to have disappeared :(