Monday, 23 February 2009

where's your punk spirit?

If there was any reason for me to love scousers even more than I already do then Wave Machines are surely it. Described by some as lo-fi art disco, Wave Machines are simply the best live band I’ve seen in a long time. All four band members wear masks of themselves while playing live, swap lead vocals and play a range of live instruments, including clarinet, ukulele, malletkat, zither, electro vibraphone and synth-bass. I was lucky enough to catch them last year playing at their single launch at the Royal Albert Hall and wowzers were they good. They were supported by Micachu who was also pretty awesome but she was blown away by four scousers in masks (not literally I hasten to add, as I’m sure you would of heard of heard about a female performer being gunned down mid set in the Royal Albert Hall) but I’m digressing slightly.

Wave Machines released two singles last year via Chess Club, both of which were contenders for single of the year. Part Peter, Bjorn and John, part Carl Douglas, Wave Machines create a fragile pop, built on groovy bass lines, falsetto vocals with just good old fashioned musicianship and great song writing. No two songs are the same; the two singles, both danceable pop songs, are perhaps outshone (only very slightly though) by their set closer, Where’s My Punk Spirit, a straight out indie anthem that you simply have to sing along to. At their single launch party for The Greatest Escape We Ever Made, they played their two singles within the first part of the set. For a lot of new bands that would have meant that things were going to go down hill from there. Not for these sublime scousers, oh no, the set just kept on getting better. All of which makes me unbelievably excited for the album, which I think is set for release in March. The band are doing a mini tour with Post War Years and James Yuill (ed. this Wednesday at The Lexington) and you’ll have a hard time finding a better line up than that. I’m off to find my punk spirit, and I suggest you do too.

Wave Machines - The Greatest Escape We Ever Made

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