Tuesday, 3 March 2009

artist: passion pit

I have to write things before I forget. The memories fade away like receipts yellowing in your pockets, you don't need those anyway. Passion Pit have been slowly working their way into my psyche since Sleepyhead let loose on Good Weather For Airstrikes last summer. The EP, Chunk of Change, is near flawless, the only blot on an exceptional debut release being Live to Tell The Tale, which I hope doesn't make the cut on the album, entitled Manners and out later this year. The below video and accompanying blog really makes me excited. It would be so easy to casually rework a few of the EP tracks, they sound pretty good already. Michael Angelakos and Chris Zane want to blow all the hype completely out of the water. I think they will reap the benefit of major label backing, as they have the scope to bring in a children's choir.

Live, I caught their Pure Groove instore and left with an all-over grin and general warm tummy feeling. Cuddle Fuddle is my favourite cut from Chunk and they didn't play it, but the rest of the set was really moving. I worry often with electronic bands that something will get lost in the translation from studio to stage, but it just didn't happen despite the odd technical hitch. Like the Sébastien Tellier live show, everything seems so much more meaty and visceral when synth after expensive fucking synth is in front of your face and spitting out rich, warm sonic layers. The way they altered and tweaked stuff slightly, like the arpeggio that kicks in around the half-minute mark of I've Got Your Number, was a joy to behold. Everything was just so damn rhythmic, the urge to tap feet was undeniable. Better Things came alive like I never thought possible, the Go Team esque "Oh No!"'s emitted by Angelakos heightened the effect of the track, just making me go all gooey basically. His voice is like nothing I've heard lately. When addressing the crowd, his introductory remarks revealed a deep voice that is so far away from his singing. We're from Boston, Massachusetts was replaced by a squeal going past falsetto, evoking a six year old boy that's had one too many Panda Pops. Sleepy Head was the most euphoric an experience I imagine I'm ever going to have whilst crammed into a small record shop, surrounded by industry peeps and kids on half-term, whilst holding my parka and still trying to dance. You could sense grins just breaking out around you. If you like vinyl, you should really buy the seven inch. If only for the beautifully designed artwork by Frau Grau. Bring on the festival season. Play Sonar and make me ecstatic.

Passion Pit - Cuddle Fuddle

Passion Pit - Better Things

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