Wednesday, 11 March 2009

django django : storm

My thanks go to Illegal Tender for this gem. Django Django play The Macbeth this weekend for Loud & Quiet versus Dirty Bingo. Imagine stumbling up Hoxton Street with a Saturday spring in your step, vodka in your belly, still bleary-eyed from the previous evening's adventures, most likely Modernaire at Ghost School at the same pub. Yet I know the vibe will be totally, utterly different. A whole new kind of groove - Django Django leave me in a trance. A familiar trance. Storm starts like it's been playing since the beginning of time, the lyrics are the obvious steps that follow, couplets that start with a clue you already know the answer to. The whole thing then collapses in on itself and disappears into the wind. The whole thing reeks of Arthur Russell with a lot of other junk in between. As Carl on Illegal Tender states, Default is a tune, taking on the likes of Plugs and Hot Chip at their own game and nutmegging them outrageously.

Django Django - Storm