Monday, 23 March 2009

a little death around the eyes

I wouldn't say he has fulfilled his promise. Doherty still has pissed it up the wall. Grace / Wastelands is definitely a sizeable clamber back up the ladder. Anybody familiar with the Babyshambles sessions will know a few of the songs here and it is wonderful to hear them produced with such vigour and clarity. A move away from the masculine band construct and the ensuing maelstrom seems to suit him. His occasionally insightful way with words is on display here with the occasional sapphire of a melody. I don't know whether it's unfair of me to wish for a return to the sharp-eyed wit of this callow youth, given one's excesses are an unavoidable part of one's personality. I just want them to take the money and headline everywhere.

Peter Doherty - A Little Death Around The Eyes

The boyfriend's name was Dave line makes this track. It belongs to Barat. Buy the album here.

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