Wednesday, 8 April 2009

you do me so well

Lazy hacks might say Bjork from Brooklyn. Sure, Olga Bell soars and shatters but join the dots and you're left with a closer resemblance to Regina. From her self-titled EP, Echinacea is my favourite slice so far, vitality bursting from every fizzing vocal flutter and playful beat. When she coos, "You do me so well in sickness and health", I can't help but wonder if it's a secret code to a boy administering his own daily pick-me-up rather than a homeopathic remedy.

Lyrics can and should be read any which way. It's the feeling behind it which sends me astray, headfirst into full-fat reveries.

Bell - Echinacea

Olga's take on Videotape and The Eraser is well worth your attention as well. I find the In Rainbows original rather intense at times, and this takes the edge off beautifully like a shot of whiskey in your coffee. This dreamy clarity definitely wouldn't happen in Starbucks.

Bell - Videotape / The Eraser

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