Thursday, 16 April 2009

never gonna let you down

The beautiful accumulation of sonic and lyrical ideas that was Elle Milano crashed and burned last year in gloriously self-prophetic fashion. You would think after such a rollercoaster ride a break might be in order. The disdain that ekes out of their former frontman, Adam M. Crisp, was always going to find an outlet though, and it shows in the adrenaline of new kids on the block, The Premarital Sect.

A project that began for the hell of it. A release perhaps. Crisp aka Entrepreneurs on vocals and guitars, ably supportd by schoolbuddies, Philth Black and The Walternator, on bass and drums. Those familiar with early Elle Milano will see similarities, the main difference being that was a band searching for their sound. The Premarital Sect don't give a fuck. I get the feeling they don't give a fuck about progression of sound, it's directly dark, angry and in your face.

quote from Entrepreneurs since his words flow better than mine:

'like an antidote for all the watered-down popular culture that is crammed down everyone's throats; blinking web adverts/featured bands/next big things/strangers telling you when they're taking a shit etc. We are unedited, unmarketed, and anonymous. We do not make music for record companies, have business meetings, or worry about 'the hook'. We record to cassette, listen to records, and regard Mark E. Smith as a musical God. Premarital Sect - for the kids.'

The Premarital Sect - Snuff Scene

The Premarital Sect - Intersection

The Premarital Sect - The Get-Out Clause

Right click, download and listen to all three continuously because even though it's all recorded to tape, this boy knows his way around a segue. Vocal style has descended into a ramshackle ramble, makes me think of Phil Daniels if he'd been locked in a cave for a decade on amphetamines. If you're looking for the soft touches that Elle Milano occasionally provided, you're in the wrong place. They don't have a myspace. They don't wanna be your 'friend'. Even though they aren't worried about hooks, they still have them.

Entrepreneurs is one to watch kids.


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New_Beat said...

Thanks alot, sounding great, really appreciate it, I presume you'll keep us updated on shows etc?

Sam said...

Your dedication to Elle Milano is nothing short of inspiring.

Luke said...

How do you manage to be so on the pulse of that man?

Thank you, thank you, thank you.