Wednesday, 1 April 2009

nothing but a b-side...

photo: iamthebestartist

As much as I consider myself an Elle Milano aficionado, it's possible to miss a trick. I certainly failed to appreciate this first time round, as the band hurtled towards implosion. A caustic musing on the futility of the b-side. Despair and hope mingling around an ironic core; perhaps the sound of a band realizing they are banging their head against a brick wall and not knowing how to react. It could also be about any relationship.

The guitar work leads me to believe this is the missing link between Elle and The Whitest Boy Alive, which is like one of those weird culinary combinations which shouldn't work (post yours, I can't think of any). Don't get your hopes up though.

Elle Milano - Killin' Time

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Post-Milano projects are being whipped into shape. Watch out for The Premarital Sect. Coming soon.


pierre said...

so sad...
i keep re-reading the lyrics to this song and it is painful
adam crisp is a musical genius that everyone should know about

Anonymous said...
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