Monday, 22 June 2009

discovery: so insane

Sonar was like travelling to another world, where all festivals should be held from now on. Highlights included La Roux's hair which deserves some kind of Shockwaves hair mousse award, Young Fathers, Konono No. 1, Grace Jones, Erol Alkan, Crookers. More on the moon-base later.
I have to pack to go to Glastonbury where I shall be performing in a cape. More about that tomorrow.

On the first day at Sonar by Day. After my seventh Estrella Damm, I was lying on the astroturf grass and Huw Stephens whacked this little tune on.

Discovery - So Insane

So Insane is taken from the self-titled debut LP from Rostam and Wes from Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot. Otherwise known as Discovery. Whilst I consider it quasi-blasphemous to give an electronica music album the name of Discovery, So Insane has compelled me to issue this reprieve. The reason is the slowdown that kicks off just before the minute. The emotion ramps up and up and leaves me sprawling in a cycle of repetition on the carpet next to the keg. I thought this had blog house for bros written all over it. I changed my mind. Out on XL Recordings on July 7th.