Wednesday, 24 June 2009

i'm not here. i'm playing glastonbury.

So things have been quiet round here lately because I've been partying hard and preparing for Glastonbury with Al Cool and the Stranger Wines. The ssextet which I lead are performing this Saturday at 3.30pm on the Dada stage in association with Club Attitude. Attitude is Everything is a charity which works to raise awareness and improve disabled people's access to live music. It's a stellar cause you can read more about here. People don't deserve to be treated like shit because of what they can't do.

More about the music. I have alluded to it many times but never posted, but fuck that, this is Glastonbury. It's only the biggest festival in the world.

Six people. Two frontmen. Two guitarists and a 2 person rhythm section. With so many people and instruments, the dynamic has to be just right. It's something we're still striving for but we're getting there. The recordings to date don't reflect this progress but they reflect an ear for catchiness and intricacy. Six Flights is to get the crowd going. I could listen to the bass and drums all day but I have to sing. A Green Motorcycle is a bit more haunting and sombre, an ode to a weekend away in a mellow haze of gin and café con leche and two single beds pushed together to make a double. She said it was profound. The lead vocals on these two are mine. More recording to come after the summmer. Few more demos over here but they are all just that, unfinished. If I had to give it all a genre I'd call it motown postrock. People keep chatting Latino but I have no idea why.

Al Cool and the Stranger Wines - Six Flights

Al Cool and the Stranger Wines - A Green Motorcycle

Drummer boy Toby Gale also hit me up with a new track of his. The kind of hectic Kieran Hebden esque calm I've come to expect from young Toby.

Toby Gale - Slap and Slap

So if you're going to Glastonbury. Half past three on Saturday on the Dada stage in the Shangri La area. I'll be wearing a cape. You need no other reasons to be there. It's only our ninth full band gig. If you find me after and say "Hey Jehan, I love your blog. It's like the best thing I've read since like ever ever ever" I will buy you a drink / shake your hand / let you touch my cape. Also, we shall be doing an acoustic set on the Jubilee Debt bus at 3pm on Friday. If you like the ripples track linked above then you should come to that.

If you aren't going to Glasto, go see Post War Years at Pure Groove on Friday. I made this happen but I couldn't be there obviously so go there instead and be enthralled by their agitated brand of jerky pop electron music.

Post War Years - Whole World On Its Head

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