Thursday, 11 June 2009

wolf gang: night flying

photo: marco57

I held my breath and actually tried not to like this. Futile. The opening synth salvo evoked something old I couldn't quite place and whilst I tried to figure it out what it was, the vocal saunters into earshot. Sounding like a friend you just made and aren't too sure about who then whips out some shapes that are sensational and filthy. The first chorus teases you but I was still reeling from the honey taste of the bridge. The second chorus is where it starts getting crazy. Tropical "Ooh-yeahs" up the ante and the tension's bubbling and wait. Party's started but the ring leader wants out, screaming, "I don't like it I really must go" like a toddler in a tantrum who wants to leave the adventure playground but is easily pacified with a slush puppie and a paper raffle ticket that wins nothing. This track is both the heart and soul of the party and the lost kid wandering down the street with a map drawn on his hand.

Wolf Gang - Night Flying

The band are Wolf Gang. The brain child of Max McEligot. Signed to Atlantic at the back end of '08 and now putting out on Neon Gold Records. Dancing to the same beat as Marina + The Diamonds in that sense. Night Flying was recorded by producer Blue May, who ages and ages ago sent me this Lykke Li rework of his that I totally forgot about stupidly. It's stupidly massive. Read about the Night Flying recording experience here.

Lykke Li - Little Bit (Blue May Rework)

From that blog I'd assume that he was behind the desk for the single and all the other tracks, it sounds like they are building a relationship that is watertight. Correct me if I'm wrong.

The single is called Pieces of You. Listen below. Night Flying is certainly the only track I'd love on right now if you pushed me up against a wall. I'd hold out that Night Flying will see a big technicolour HD release later in the year / next year and clean up. The Pieces of you b-side is on myspace if you care to go there. Pieces has only been online for a day though so give me and yourselves a chance to form a rounded opinion. The brass touches and the "keep talking" line make me perspire a little.

Wolf Gang - Pieces of You

Or maybe it's the fact I'm walking everywhere these days due to tube strike. Currently interning at Pure Groove Records in Farringdon where you can pre-order and order all Neon Gold Records. Your Twenties is next. Exciting isn't it?. Hit that shit up. Please.