Thursday, 9 July 2009

podium party

It's that time of year when albums for the autumn are just starting to rear their little heads. Before they can walk, talk or fly the nest, it is de rigueur to release some kind of track as a sneaky taster. Here's three of this week's to get you salivating and hyped up into some kind of slow-burning frenzy. Please don't die in anticipation.

bronze: Arctic Monkeys - Crying Lightning

The only thing remarkable about Crying Lightning is the artwork. The song is a slow paced Arctics number which falls somewhere in between Last Shadow Puppets and If You Were There Beware. It isn't coy enough, when Turner's in this menacing crooner mode I want some vulnerability. Lyrically, neither the sneer nor the quip are present. Distanced from the Sheffield streets of the debut, but still within earshot, these lyrics feel like they belong to a psychedelic ghost train attendant. The twisted and deranged line is the song's centerpiece and it builds up nicely, but aggravating ice cream van men? Sorry? Not exactly last laugh lane. The guitar solo is nice and the ending feels like a perfectly poured pint. I hope in the context of Humbug it all makes a lot more sense.

silver: The Cribs - We Were Aborted

Taken from upcoming fourth album, Ignore The Ignorant, Aborted bears the Cribs hallmarks despite the recent addition of Johnny Marr on guitar. On this evidence, his presence in the group will make for a fuller sound. This track, whilst a definitive grower, can't touch the majority of The Cribs and The New Fellas that I absolutely adored. I'm not asking for something complex or more sophisticated. This has a simple sing along chorus, but it isn't one that I feel inclined to sing along to. I mean I could, but the best choruses urge you to sing them until you can't sing them anymore.

gold: AIR - Do The Joy

I think we have a winner. AIR know what they are doing. The title evokes Architecture in Helsinki, but whilst their vignette is a whirlwind affair, this brings to mind silent movie strangers dancing in the street after being thrown out of the club for wearing their jumpers back to front. Around the two minute mark, the pulsing electric clock synths seal the deal. Love 2 is going to be a corker, once AIR get inside you it's hard to ask them to leave.

It was tough, positions changed many times but there had to be a winner. Arctics were beaten into bronze deservedly because the song is easily their poorest offering as a single to date. Both the other tracks aren't even the singles, they are just the free tracks to buzz about. I reckon the rest of Humbug will probably be on fire, hell there will probably be a ridiculous B-side to this but why not give me something to go viral about? I'd rather have swine flu. The Cribs then take second place, but they can will have to do consistently better if they want to usurp the Monkeys in the album stakes. Cheat On Me had better be good.

Perhaps it's unfair to bring the boys from Versailles into this. The music is completely different, it's a bit like comparing Grey Goose to Kronenbourg and Carling. I like to mix my drinks though.

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