Wednesday, 8 July 2009

preview: one's to watch - everything everything, post war years & wolf gang

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Friday sees the fourth part of Levi's One to Watch 5 Night Revue at The Vibe Bar on Brick Lane. Whilst tonight's event with Passion Pit, Fanfarlo and Apples is quite the lineup, Friday promises to be something special.

First up is the much vaunted Wolf Gang. Night Flying had me from the word go and follow-up Pieces of You has crawled under my skin to the point where the song pretty much owns me like the mask in The Mask. Head back to that post for a replay. For now, wrap your ears round this remix courtesy of Disco Bloodbath. A champagne sea of handclaps and ominous synths that lead in and out like waves fluttering on the coastline. Max is riding high on a surf board, his vocals rising to the top of the mix. Surprisingly, the backing vocals are left out. They must have been bagsied by the other remixers.

Wolf Gang - Pieces of You (Disco Bloodbath remix)

Second on stage are Post War Years. Everywhere I read bemusing comparisons to Foals. Why? Foals have one singer. Post Wars have three. Foals have one synthesizer. Post Wars have a bunch of them. On stage, Foals make the room feel like the centre of the earth. Post Wars are that intense and have a similar capacity for calmness in the midst of a sonic firestorm, but I don't sense the same paranoia. The substitute is a giddy confidence that atop of some momentum, which hasn't quite built yet, will be unstoppable.

I'm not getting dragged down in that any longer. Whole World On Its Head is one of my tracks of the year. The opening synth sprinkles are to die for, they make the whole track. More about The Greats and the Happenings next week. This is a preview.

Post War Years - Whole World On Its Head

Last but certainly not least is Everything Everything. Like all the other bands on the bill, they have a shedload of ideas crammed into three minute cuts. Driving rhythms and vocals, vocals, vocals ranging from soft a'capellas, Passion Pit esque castratos and all out yelping. The mix is delightfully in flux and really offers something different, it's not every day that I'm genuinely intrigued to see how all these vocals go down live. Check out their latest 7", Photoshop Handsome, below.

Everything Everything - Photoshop Handsome

///Buy tickets here. There's not many left. It's the only one you can buy tickets for. Friendly Fires are playing the actual finale, but that's for competition winners only. Money can't buy a ticket to that event. It can to this. This is the real finale.

And when that's all done down to The Coronet for the Ed Banger party where I will be partying like it's 2007.


Anonymous said...

There is a an alternative review of post war years here:

Everything Everything and Post War Years - both good bands you should follow. Lovin' Photoshop Handsome

jehan said...

hey mr anonyman

this ain't a review. this a preview. geeeze.

Anonymous said...

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