Monday, 6 July 2009


Mirwais's long awaited new project with Yasmine Hamdan has finally emerged quietly, like a glistening holidaymaker on a secluded beach in the med. Entitled Arabology, the debut from Y.A.S sees a fusion of Lebanese vocals and Mirwais's trademark sparse electro sound. It fucks with my head a little due to total lack of comprehension; my only prior experience of certain aspects being rides in mini-cabs and moments waiting for the menu. After a while though, forgetting occurs as if you walked into a shisha café, asked to use the toilet, went down the stairs and found yourself in a sprawling dancefloor metropolis.

Get It Right is the all out banger to take your shoes off and start waving them round your head.
Felix Da Housecat has pressed his dirty paws all over this and sent it round the block a few times and it's come back with interest. A few lines for the anglophones too.

Y.A.S. - Get It Right (Felix Da Housecat's ATL Sia Mix)

Gamil opens with gentle strumming with no real warning of what's to come. The beat drop is so seamless and the whole thing reeks of that slow building atmosphere of dirt that pervaded Production. One for the chill out room.

Y.A.S - Gamil

doesn't really throb with the same epic intensity as Production's flashpoints, the influence of Yasmine is calming. Listen to it over on Deezer. Purchase on iTunes or Fnac.

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Robin said...

"dar hat gnosh gnosh hamasetty gnosh gnosh"

Quite obviously talking about tasty falafels. With a vocoder, of course.