Thursday, 2 July 2009

yesterday, today and forever

I had tickets to see MJ at the 02. The above video shows that even 25 years ago, he could still wow crowds playing to a backing track. I long to be the guy in the cream suit at 3:54.

This video from 2001 shows that Jackson still had all the fucking moves. The moonwalk here is better than the debut. Hardly surprising when you think about it. The video also makes for a nice analysis in changing production values, nearly every other shot is of the crowd. Is that because Jackson is not seen as being as photogenic as his 1983 heyday? I don't want to see the crowd crying like retards, I want MJ.

It kinda makes me glad that when the DVD of his last performance comes out, there will be no crowd. Don't you think?

Also, there were rumours that he had devised a move better than the moonwalk. Conspiracy theorists like myself would say that this was perhaps the reason for his cardiac arrest. Anyway, this move will be worth queuing around the block at HMV Oxford St for but please don't film me, I won't be crying like a weirdo.

Glasto rocked. Weirdly, my stage get up consisted of a Michael Jackson t-shirt by the elegant and French SixPack. Buy it here. I had planned this weeks in advance so to hear of the great man's death was just so fucking surreal. I can't moonwalk. see below.

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Robin said...

Haha this footage is awesome. It's so colourful and shaky it's like being there, drunk. Which is exactly like being there then.