Monday, 17 August 2009

artist: rival consoles

I was drawn in by the NME tagline - 'IO' is a party record even snobs can enjoy.' Finally, after all this time I've been waiting for a party record I can enjoy along with all my snob friends. Recently parties have ranged from abject to the dire because the party records have just been a bit too umm obvious. The thought that circles round my mind is when the fuck will DANGER enleve le doigt de son cul and make the best party record ever. Soon selon a son myspace.

Seriously though, Rival Consoles deserves your attention because he is poised to make one hell of a splash. Before even slipping on the record, I went to an early evening laptop set where Ryan Lee West unleashed a maelstrom. This boded well because I am bored of electronic acts sounding crisp on record before losing whatever charm they might have had in the cab on the way to the club.

The seamless changes in dynamic impress the most here. It packs a vicious punch whilst retaining gossamer light touches. None of the tracks on the record are all out bangers but they are only a few streets away. Dark, dirty nightclub music or headphone candy for the walk where you make yourself invisible.

Rival Consoles - Agenda

///buy a copy of IO from Erased Tapes
///check him out at the Different Class party next week at Bardens.

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