Wednesday, 12 August 2009

ida walked away

AU in series Ears to the Ground from Dig For Fire on Vimeo.

AU's ability is to keep the embers glowing long after the fire went out. Rejuvenated they clasp hands and form a circle swaying slowly round and round. Lull is the default setting for the larger part of last album, Verbs, which led me to conjure on repeat the incessant hurricane of light that is RR vs. D.

Galloping back into town this autumn with a shiny new 10-inch in their satchel, the latest offering is a rhythmic raitha that is longing to bring the party to your ears. Ida Walked Away is a ramshackle affair which not so much as toes the line but does cartwheels across it. Luke Wyland manages to be debonair whilst cooing over a song that repeats then evolves because that's the only way out.

Au - Ida Walked Away

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