Monday, 31 August 2009

silver ticket

The Lexington was the rendez-vous point for a multitude of fortuitous competition winners (thanks to Christel at IM // UR), keen Rough Trade pre-orderer, rockfeedback employees and bloggers as HEALTH brought their album tour for In Color to a close with this ‘secret’ gig. Shiny silver tickets were distributed at presumably lavish expense. Despite such grandeur, the venue was disappointingly half-full, meaning that a great deal of ‘winners’ idly cast off their tickets as worthless; value only possible when cold coin swaps hands maybe. Perhaps there just weren’t that many people aware of what was going on (I blame the PR, or lack thereof). Fitting possibly, as I myself had forgotten the unique qualities HEALTH bring to the live arena. The second after singer Jake had volunteered pleasantries to the audience, a bath of noise enveloped the crowd.

It was an act that left his thank you hanging in the air for what felt like a forever, my ears sending my whole being flying back through time to that hungover afternoon when HEALTH first peppered my eardrums with a intensity that is theirs alone. Their performances tend to reduce both the visual and aural faculties of the giggoer to a sweaty pulp. Their use of silence trumps the rest. Particularly enjoyable was the way the relentless timekeeping of BJ and the destructive histrionics of John formed a backdrop against which John and Jupiter weaved like nervous schoolyard brawlers. Laptop gizmo, Gold Panda, could only dream of providing ample support when the most imposing visual aspect of his set was his deployment of bearlike headwear.

HEALTH - Die Slow (Tobacco remix)

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