Wednesday, 26 August 2009

the way my heart beats

Drop the needle and it comes sauntering back. Back onto the telly set in your front room as you dance around crushed tinnies, swapshopping clothes as you prepare for the soirée. Over the top moves in sweaty dry ice glazed dancefloors. The stop-start dancing gearing up We Are Not The Same in the Roxy that exploded into perspiration pirouhettes.The thought of a moonlighting hangover burning a burbling hole in your guts swiftly banished as you remember how you danced at the Bodega, threw shapes in the Guardian Lounge, got down and dirty at the Barfly, got your groove on at Fleche d'Or and FROG.

Good Shoes - The Way My Heart Beats (via the utterly brilliant IM // UR)
///visit their good shoes website

The mercurial talents of Good Shoes had better not drift under the carpet this time round. Their debut suffered from the prior existence of nearly every song as a demo. All the exuberance had been squeezed out by endless endless touring and singalong pogo fests. My bemusement at their lack of stardom was tempered by this exhaustion. I can't wait to rekindle the romance.


Matthew Britton said...

it sounds so different to their first album, when i put it on i forget it's them.

jehan said...

Little flashes remind you of the old stuff. I like how ferocious it gets i parts.