Monday, 28 September 2009

fistful of dollars

Bang Bang Eche come at you like Benny Bonassi's scuzzy hardcore cousins. My only recourse for such a statement is the similarities with the riff that dominates the first part of this. You'll find it taken out of its nauseous daytime radio context and spliced together with a confident rousing by T'Nealle Worsley who never quite yelps & never quite relaxes into that louche singer mode.

Out of nothing comes a lush vocodered breakdown totally at odds with what preceded it. Pure gorgonzola. The return into the maelstrom then is laced with something altogether sweeter.

Bang Bang Eche - Fist Full of Dollars

Taken from the forthcoming EP, Sonic Death Cunttttt out November 2nd. This bunch of Kiwi tearaways will be hitting these shores in a month or so. They are definitely worth keeping an eye on for the swift and classy manner in which they demonstrate a lot of ideas before moving the fuck on.

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