Sunday, 6 September 2009

four in one

Analogies are great. They are great because they allow me to describe music like this gorgeous rendez-vous between Séverin and Breakbot. This collabo is like two kids that are best friends until the age of 10 when Séverin broke Breakbot's Gameboy in a fit of pique. Breakbot blatantly had the higher score on Tetris. The Edge of A Sunday talks about those times when they would have sleepovers and play Golden Axe until it got real late. Like ten pm in the evening. Total total sugar rush.

Séverin - The Edge of a Sunday (Breakbot remix)

Both these boys have albums. Severin's is out. Breakbot's I cannot wait.
If you dug Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix you will dig Séverin.
His is called Cheesecake. The artwork features girls with it all over their faces.
The guy is a player. Scope the original on myspace.
Watch the making of here.
I think listening to them both in the same day is a comparable experience to downing ten cartons of Ribena.
Some of the synth sounds remind me ridiculously of early 90's Sega vs Disney.

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