Sunday, 27 September 2009

i got no problem with that

French Horn Rebellion are bromance synth pioneers. They impressed the most out of last night's star studded lineup at Cargo, possibly because my booze overtook me afterwards, only returning me to my senses for the lacklustre Magistrates. Their boat has most likely sailed, sunk and is now at the bottom of the ocean.

Not so for Robert and David from NYC via Milwaukee. Totally unfazed by the lack of an audience they set about bringing the party in a hilarious manner that got me excited about what they would do, no scratch that, will do when they have big crowds in front of them. Drama, band member quitting, storming off, heading to the bar, a emotional reconciliation before a triumphant finale.

French Horn Rebellion - Up All Night

Opening track for the new Kitsuné Maison. I still long for the halycon days of Kitsuné 3. I love you all the time broke a sofa.

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