Friday, 25 September 2009

lovelorn shanghai

“A lot of people think it was shot in Tokyo, but it’s actually shot in Shanghai. I feel there is a strange sadness and violence in this city. It’s as if in Shanghai the past is being destroyed really fast to make way for the modern way of life. I enjoy shooting faces and cities: before doing cinema, I used to be an architect so I have a special relationship with architecture. This video was influenced mostly by Michael Mann’s style of directing, the way he shoots cities and uses music (see ‘Manhunter, ‘Heat’ or ‘Collateral’). The sound of Sébastien’s music reminded me some of Michael Mann’s works. On the theme of loneliness in a big city, Michelangelo Antonioni and some of the early works of Wong Kar Wai were useful too. I always do all the editing of my films myself. It’s something I really enjoy, it’s very important to me. Maybe it is a bit of a weird thing to say, but when I work on a music video I feel like a musician. It’s because when you edit you’re putting the images to a tempo, the story develops a rhythm. So with the Boys Noize remix, I had wonderful materials to deal with: the most enjoyable challenge was finding something to do on the ‘rise’ between 3'15 and 3'30.” - Johann Bertelli.

This is a first as far as I'm concerned. Not content with commissioning a ton of heavyweight remixes, Record Makers went one step further and asked Johann Bertelli to re-edit his interpretation of L'Amour et La Violence to fit the masterful club remix by Boys Noize. It compliments the intimacy of Roman Coppola's effort for the original, shot in Tellier's old flat in Paris, in perfect fashion. I love how the inner turmoil of the character is juxtaposed with the enormity of the metropolis, supermodern.

The Sexuality bandwagon continues to roll on and on, spurting out hot remixes like fresh croissants from the boulangerie. The slew of hot gooey remixes has been joined by new Record Makers signings, Acid Washed as well as Lazy Flow who share management with the mysterious duo.

Sébastien Tellier - L'Amour Et La Violence (Acid Washed Land of Daktari remix)

Acid Washed drag Tellier's lament kicking and screaming away from the city and sends it scampering into the jungle. Bedraggled, staggering through the undergrowth, paranoid that the hunter from Jumanji is going to come fuck you up. The elephants will sort you out, they know where the party is. If animals had a nightclub in the jungle, I'd like to think this would be what they have to finish the night before watching the sunrise.

Sébastien Tellier - Fingers of Steel (Lazy Flow remix)

A Verve Cliquot drenched sped-up take on this understated gem from the album, a glorious rush that splits the track open, thinning it out and giving it some air. The plum vocals lines sliced and diced and hung out to dry whilst the arpeggiatted synth line is flipped up and around, no longer cloying.

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Kathryn said...

"spurting out hot remixes like..."

It had potential to be so filty - props for nicely swinging it the other way. Love it. Love Sebastien.

see you soon!